MoodleMoot Oklahoma

  • This is a sample course for you to try out Moodle activities from the student point of view so you can see how Moodle works before working on a course yourself.

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  • Mostly I'll be using this to hold the outline of what we'll be covering, depending on what experience everyone has.

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  • Looking to add to your Moodle course development skills? Register for this advanced Moodle workshop and have the opportunity to learn to create interactive content with lessons, automate peer review with the workshop module, use advanced quiz features, and much more. This workshop will be of the “choose your own adventure” sort in an attempt to accommodate the varied experiences and needs of the experienced Moodlers who attend. Workshop participants will have a chance to suggest potential topics and then vote on those of most interest. This process will be used to determine the specific questions or topics addressed in the session.

    Recommended topics for consideration would include:

    • Building lessons, workshops, or wikis
    • Exploring the different types of and creative uses for forums and glossaries
    • Leveraging permissions and capabilities, scales, and ratings
    • Utilizing groups and groupings
    • Advanced quiz features such as randomization and question importing
    • Quiz question types, such as random short-answer matching and calculated questions

    Note: The focus in this workshop will be on teaching and course development. Those interested in administrative topics or technical questions should consider the Moodle Administrator’s workshop being offered. We ask that participants arrive with a basic working knowledge of Moodle course development. If you have not had the experience of building your own Moodle course, we would recommend a beginner level workshop. Moodle 2 will be used for the delivery of this workshop, but experience with Moodle 2 is not required. Where necessary, support will be provided for adapting to the differences in this new version.

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  • Pre-Moot Anita

    This course will introduce you to Moodle's basic editing tools.

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